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Environmental Services: Adopt-a-Street

Make a visible impact on the local environment - help keep Arlington County a beautiful and clean place to live, work, and visit.

"Adopt-A-Street" Steps to Success

  1. After registering for the Adopt-A-Street program and receiving your "Adopt-A-Street" supplies from the County, you are ready to begin.
  2. Put on appropriate safety equipment (safety vest, gloves, and safety glasses).
  3. Gather necessary equipment ("Adopt-A-Street" bucket provided by county), broom , dust pan, pen and paper).
  4. Walk your identified "Adopt-A-Street" area collecting litter (in your "Adopt-A-Street" bucket) and observing and recording problems and materials collected:
    1. Potholes
    2. Street light outages (requires number on light pole)
    3. Missing or damaged street signage
    4. Downed lines (power, telephone, cable) After hours call 911 to report downed power lines
    5. Amount of trash & recycling collected
    6. Amount of sweeping debris collected
  5. Separate trash and recyclables collected in your bucket for proper disposal
    1. Trash should be thrown away in your trash cart
    2. Recyclable items should be placed in your single stream recycling container
  6. Next, sweep the curb and gutter line (12-30 inches from the curb) using your broom, paying close attention not to sweep debris into the storm sewer.
  7. Using a dust pan or similar device, collect sweepings in the provided "Adopt-A-Street" bucket.
  8. Now the hard work is done - return the equipment and safety equipment to a suitable storage area.
  9. Report any of the following problems to the Solid Waste Bureau (online or over the phone):
    How to Report Hazardous Conditions
    Downed Power Lines 1-888-667-3000 or after hours call 703-558-2222 to report downed power lines. You can also report or check the status of an outage when you manage your account online.
    Street Light Outages 703-228-6511 or Street Light Report Form (requires number on light pole)
    Damaged/Missing Street Signs 703-228-6570
    Potholes or Damaged Streets/Sidewalks 703-228-6570 or Residential Maintenance Report Form
  10. Call the Solid Waste Bureau to request an "Adopt-A-Street" bucket pickup.
  11. Place the "Adopt-A-Street" bucket out in front of your house separate from the trash containers on your next collection day after calling for an "Adopt-A-Street" pickup from the Solid Waste Bureau. On your next trash collection day, your "Adopt-A-Street" bucket will be emptied and left for you to reuse.
  12. Return your "Adopt-A-Street" bucket to a suitable storage area.
  13. Go online and fill out the quarterly service completion report and submit it to the Adopt-A-Street program
  14. You have now completed your quarterly Adopt-A-Street service requirements
  15. As a result of your efforts, Arlington will be a more attractive place to live, work and play and local streams and the Chesapeake Bay will be cleaner. Thank you.
For more information please call the Customer Service Center at 703-228-6570.
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