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Environmental Services: Adopt-a-Street

Make a visible impact on the local environment - help keep Arlington County a beautiful and clean place to live, work, and visit.


What is the Adopt-A-Street Program?

The Solid Waste Bureau (SWB) created an Adopt-A-Street Program to support litter control and storm water management throughout Arlington, while providing residents with an opportunity to do something positive for the community by volunteering to keep our neighborhood clean.

What are the benefits?

This program will greatly enhance the SWB’s reach and ability to access the curb and gutter line, which the SWB street sweepers are not able to get to on most residential streets due to cars parking and lining the streets. Arlington County elected officials and other elected officials in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area signed the Potomac River Watershed Trash Treaty because they recognize the importance of the Potomac River and its tributaries to the region’s quality of life. Arlington County is committed to a Trash Free Potomac by 2013. We pledge to work with regional leaders, businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and communities to focus efforts on:

  • Supporting and implementing regional strategies aimed at reducing trash and increasing recycling
  • Increasing education and awareness of the trash issue throughout the Potomac Watershed

Therefore this Adopt-A-Street program will help advance the County’s goals from storm water management to litter control. In addition, this Adopt-A-Street program will help the Metropolitan region support the Potomac River Watershed Trash Treaty.

Why adopt a street?

Recognizing the importance of a Trash Free Potomac River, the Adopt-A-Street Program supports the Potomac River Watershed Trash Treaty.

  • Trash & Litter … Is a significant source of pollution
    Adopt-A-Street … Manages storm water pollution, helping to keep local streams and the Chesapeake Bay clean
  • Trash & Litter … Degrades the quality of life for our citizens and visitors
    Adopt-A-Street … Reduces litter
  • Trash & Litter … Severely degrades our visual landscape
    Adopt-A-Street … Provides cleaner streets and neighborhoods, reaching areas that County services cannot clean
  • Trash & Litter … is a major expense for our communities and businesses Adopt-A-Street … Reduces litter Reduces taxpayers money and litter and street sweeping cleanup costs

Who can Adopt-A-Street?

Individuals or groups may "adopt" a specific section of road by going online to the Adopt-A-Street Program website.

How do I Adopt-A-Street?

By going online to the Adopt-A-Street Program website, viewing the map of Arlington County to see what is available for adoption and submitting an online application for a specific section of street. If you have trouble signing up please call 703-228-6486.

What does adopting a street entail?

The adopter must pledge to the following duties for a commitment of 1 year with duties performed on a quarterly basis.

  • Sweep the curb, gutter lines, and wheelchair accessibility ramps of the adopted street, on a quarterly basis
  • Remove litter along the adopted street, on a quarterly basis or as needed
  • Schedule a pick-up for sweeping debris to be collected by DES staff
  • Update the tasks you completed of your street adopting duties, each quarter
  • Report any hazardous conditions, as needed, along the adopted street:

There will be an email reminder sent to the adopter on a quarterly basis reminding them to perform their Adopt-A-Street duties. The SWB will provide the adopter with safety supplies, a 5 gallon collection bucket and sweeping debris pickup. The debris collected in the bucket will be collected by the SWB and returned to the Earth Products Recycling yard for processing. Trash and recyclables collected by residential program adopters will be disposed of in the curbside trash and recycling programs. Other adopters can use their trash and recycling services or the County’s recycling drop off centers.

How is the SWB funding this new program?

The program and website development has been done in house by the SWB, Department of Technology Services (DTS), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff. Supplies will be purchased through sponsorships.

For more information please call the Customer Service Center at 703-228-6570.
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